About Us

We develop and produce the technology of the future for you...

BlasarX™ has started to provide software solutions with innovative approaches and new technologies to companies of all sectors and scales with all the opportunities offered by technology.

Continuing its activities in London, BlasarX continues its efforts to become the leading company of England with its solutions and customer satisfaction as well as its sensitivity in environmental and social issues.

Our philosophy is to enable organizations that are experiencing continuous change in today's intense competitive conditions to use information systems more effectively and efficiently. To produce the necessary hardware and corporate software and offer them to their services at the most affordable prices.
Bernard Sophia
    We set out to meet our customers with the best service quality, and our priority in our understanding of service is the happiness of our customers.
    We develop and implement different, different and new ideas in our products and services in order to give clear answers to your needs and benefit.
    We use technology effectively to provide you with quality service and useful products.
    We are in a management approach that aims to transfer the values. We have created to the future in a healthier way.
    Our most important capital is our human resources. Our management approach is based on respect for people.
    While evaluating the information and data we collect, we see it with our mind and reveal original fictions.
    We approach and imagine our business from a broad perspective, we approach with different solutions and new ideas.
About Us

Bernard Shopia

We develop and offer incredible high quality and valuable products for image processing with advanced artificial intelligence programming.

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