BlasarX™ Anpr 5503 Cloud

Integrated IP Automatic Licence Plate Recognition Camera

As it is known, vehicles used and searched for illegal works, especially in metropolitan areas, are hidden by parking in the shopping malls. Thanks to the BlasarX™ ANPR 5503 All in One smart camera, it is possible to detect vehicles that enter the shopping mall and do not exit within 24 hours, detection of plates that do not enter and exit, and detection of vehicles with twin plates or fake plates.

Shopping malls are now safer with BlasarX ™ ANPR 5506. It controls all the vehicles entering and leaving the shopping mall by keeping the registration plate, color, brand, type, date and time information. The information of the vehicles whose license plate recognition system is read is automatically transferred to the Police center data servers. If there is a problem with the vehicle, it is detected immediately and ensures that the vehicle and its owner are caught by the security forces.

BlasarX™ ANPR 5506 has technological superiorities such as 5 MegaPixel Resolution, 55mm motorized lens, Starlight Color night-vision Chipset, embeded mainboard with Quadcore processor, 6 pieces of 60 degree IRled, IP66 with fan heater, external led system that informs the situation and is unrivaled thanks to these features.It has many features developed to be used in urban public parking lots, military zones, private security projects.

It has features developed for shopping malls, hospitals, courthouses and many workplaces. Since it is an autonomous system, it does not require an operator. It is a very successful system in licence plate recognition with 98.8% accuracy. It has a wide service and support network around the world.

BlasarX™ ANRP cloud software

You can easily manage all BlasarX ANPR 5503 Smart IP Cameras in your network with mobile and web supported ANPR management software. You can define the license plate of more than 100,000 vehicles in 128 GB SD Card. You can create black list or White lists. You can trigger a turnstile, door or similar device on the camera according to the scenario you want. You can get advanced functional reports.

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