BlasarX™ ANPR Manager

Your IP Cameras now have ANPR feature

Bringing ANPR feature without changing your existing IP cameras, BlasarX™ ANPR Manager provides affordable solutions with low costs.

36 channel IP camera licensed. It determines the license plate, brand, model and color information of the vehicles. Date-time and camera based recording. Whitelist, blacklist. Automatic pricing. Advanced reporting system

Private Parking Lot Operations have features specially developed for local governments. Since it is an autonomous system, it does not require an operator. It is a very successful system in license plate recognition with 98.8% accuracy. It has a wide service and support network throughout the country.

BlasarX™ ANPR Management Software

With ANPR, you can easily manage all your IP Cameras on your network. You can define 36 cameras for a server. You can monitor and manage ten Servers via a single CMS.

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