BlasarX™ Bodyface 3800 Cloud

BlasarX™ Presents the Smart Bodycamera

Cleverly designed, easy to use. Long usage time with its replaceable battery designed in the form of a badge. Mobile application integrated with the IP68 Rugged phone. Central data bank connection via GPRS. Detecting the wanted people in a second. When it detects the person being called, it gives an audible alert through the Bluetooth headset and displays the person on the Rugged phone screen.

Our R&D engineers combined our advanced face recognition artificial intelligence algorithm with the body camera and produced BlasarX™ Bodyface 3800 Cloud.

BlasarX™ Bodyface 3800 Cloud, developed for official and civil security units, is an autonomous system and extremely easy to use. It is a very successful system in face recognition with 98.8% accuracy. In addition, it saves every face it sees in the database with date, time and location information on the central database servers.It gives information such as the age and gender of the people it detects, as well as the hair condition (long, short, bald), mustache and beard status (with mustache, beard, stubble, ball beard, long beard) and glasses status (with glasses, sunglasses). It also detects and interprets facial expressions of people such as happy, angry, anxious, and sad. It has a wide service and support network throughout the country.

Technical Specifications

  • ARM9 64-bit 1.4GHz processor.
  • 2 MegaPixels 1920x1080p resolution
  • 2.8 wide angle lens
  • Starlight Chipset Day-Night color
  • 128 GB SD Memory
  • Wireless network
  • DC 12V 1A Power
  • 12v 3500mah Battery
  • 3m distance
  • Polyamide case
  • 120gr weight
  • 2 years warranty
  • 94x61x31mm size
  • Android, IOS interface
  • BlasarX™ face recognition software
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