BlasarX™ Face 2802 Cloud

Integrated IP Face Recognition Camera

Biometric facial recognition technology, which uses the human face as the most important element of security, has attracted attention in the last few years, thanks to its potential for a wide range of applications both for law enforcement and non-security forces. BlasarX™ Face 2802 Cloud Integrated IP Face Recognition Camera provides support for such applications with high security.

The BlaserX™ Face 2802 Integrated IP Face Recognition Camera analyzes the gender, age, skin color, hair color, hair length, beard, mustache, and whether they are wearing glasses or not. In addition, people's Happy, Joyful, Sad, Angry, Worried It can also detect mood states such as.

It has features developed for shopping malls, hospitals, courthouses and many workplaces. Since it is an autonomous system, it does not require an operator. It is a very successful system in face recognition with 98.8% accuracy. It has a wide service and support network around the world.

BlasarX™ IVS Management Software

You can easily manage all your BlasarX™ Face 2802 Smart IP Cameras in your local network with IVS software. You can identify the face of over 10,000 people on 128GB SD Card. You can create black list or White lists. You can trigger a turnstile, door or similar device on the camera according to the scenario you want.

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