BlasarX™ Site Parking Management

Your site is now more secure!

It takes control of all vehicles entering and leaving your site by keeping record with the plate, date and time information. Unwanted or undefined tools cannot enter your site. It allows an unlimited number of vehicle definitions. It has many features developed for your site. It is extremely easy to use. It has a wide service and support network throughout the country. Our system is guaranteed for 2 years.

The BlasarX™ Site parking management system automatically reads the license plates of the vehicles entering your parking lot. The plates read are saved in the database according to their entry and exit times. Vehicles that are not registered in the system cannot enter the parking area. The system automatically opens the barrier for defined vehicles and displays the defined vehicle information shows on outdoor led screen. This process is also done in exit cars.

General Features

* 3ms Plate Recognition Time
* Parking Plate Recognition Distance 3 Meters
* Marking Plate Reading Area
* Archiving License Plate and Pictures of Entry-Exit Vehicles
* MS-SQL Database.
* Preventing Duplicate Plate Reading.
* Unlimited Vehicle Identification Feature of Site Residents
* Alarm and Identification Opportunity on Undefined Plates.
* Guest Vehicle Identification (To whom he visited, Date, Time Record)
* Parking Occupancy Status Screen
* TCP / IP 3 Line IP66 Led Information Display support.
(Writing Plate and Requested Information)
* 2 Barrier Control Feature with USB Trigger
* Advanced Reporting System

Standart Components

* BlasarX™ Site Parking Management Software (2 Camera License).
* 2 pieces 2mp IP cameras.
* 1 piece Barrier Control Unit (2Port).

Optional Components

* 2 Led Information Displays.
* 2 Camera and Led Information Display poles.
* 2 Barriers.
* 1 Intel i5 Based Desktop WIN10 PC.

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