BlasarX™ TCX 3000 Thermal System

Specially designed to combat Covid 19

In the fight against Covid 19, non-contact body temperature measurement and mask control come to the fore as the most needed measures. For this reason, our R&D engineers produced the BlasarX TCX 3000 in the form of a tablet that controls the mask and measures the body temperature without contact from 150 cm.

The BlaserX™ TCX 3000 Thermal system face recognition, mask control and non-contact body temperature measurements, as well as analysis of gender, age, skin color, hair color, hair length, beard, mustache and glasses. It can also detect people's moods such as Happy, Cheerful, Sad, Angry, Anxious.

It is designed for large-scale entry and exit points and has tunnel type metal detectors or ceiling mounting kits. It can also be integrated with wireless person counting modules.

BlasarX™ TCX 3000 Thermal System Desktop Software

It is desktop software that allows you to manage all BlasarX™ TCX 3000 Thermal System devices within the local network. You can download and use the software free of charge from the support page with the ID of the product you purchased.

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